Horeca items

Horeca items

Looking for typical Dutch snack containers for a croquette, frikandel or chips with mayonnaise? 
Hollandshopper sells these trays for those with a cafe or snack-bar, and want to serve your snacks the Dutch way. 
Also small bags with Dutch snack sauces are available per carton.

Calvé Broodje Unox saus sticks 200 x 15 ml

Broodje Unox saus! It is the mustard-dill sauce that you eat on the well known Broodje Unox (bread roll with Dutch smoked sausage) With this sauce you create your own Broodje Unox and it is also delicious with a cheese sandwich and other snacks.  Dispenser carton with 200 sticks of 15..

Incl. Tax €31.79
Chocomel kartonnen bekers 50 stuks

Depa paper cups from Chocomel with a content of van 250 ml. This cup is specially for people who love hot chocolate. Pack with 50 cups. ..

Incl. Tax €6.14
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