Sinterklaas food

Treat yourself or surprise friends and family abroad with the delicious Dutch traditional ginger-nuts and sweets for Sinterklaas. 
Hollandshopper has a large range of Dutch food for your Sinterklaas celebrations. 
The chocolate letters are available in dark, milk and white chocolate, but also in caramel or crisp. 
Hollandshopper has a very large range of different ginger-nuts, chocolates, spiced-nuts, gingerbread, meringues, almond logs and more. 
Try one of them, or try them all.....because you can’t celebrate Pakjesavond without a delicious Dutch treat. 

Albert Heijn Amandel marsepein Fruit 90 Gram

Marzipan fruit on a tray, this delicious marzipan specialty is made of fine marzipan with 30% almonds. Pack with 90 gram.   ..

Incl. Tax €3.28 €3.06
Albert Heijn witte yoghurt Kruidnoten 250 Gram

Albert Heijn yogurt ginger nuts, delicious crunchy ginger nuts covered in white chocolate with fresh yogurt flavour. Bag with 250 gram ..

Incl. Tax €3.38 €3.06
Belga strooigoed 100 gram

Belga Strooigoed in mini give away bag. A mix of crunchy ginger nuts and sweets with Belga sint and piet meringues, in a small handy bag. Ideal for filling shoes or to give away. 100 gram per bag. Price is for 1 bag. ..

Incl. Tax €0.94 €0.84
Jumbo super Roomboter kruidnoten 300 gram

Jumbo super roomboter Kruidnoten are extra large ginger nuts, prepared with real butter. These delicious kruidnoten are extra crunchy and with extra taste. In a 300 gram bag ..

Incl. Tax €2.85 €2.64
Kruidnoten 200 gram

These delicious kruidnoten are from AH, Jumbo or other brand. The best ones for years and years according to a classic recipe. In a small 200 gram bag..

Incl. Tax €1.16 €1.04
Schuttelaar Sintschuim 200 Gram

Schuttelaar (or Albert Heijn) Sint schuim are mixed meringues for Sinterklaas, very sweet and soft. Bag with 200 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €1.58 €1.43
Spek letter -S-

Marshmallow letter S. Letter is 65 Gram. ..

Incl. Tax €2.75 €2.49
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