Salty licorice pick & mix

Heksehyl Salmiak drop 300 gram

Heksehyl salmiak licorice is a soft salty licorice stick, covered in black licorice and lightly dusted with sugar. Bag with 300 gram...

Incl. Tax €1.58
Hollandshopper-mix 200 Gram

Hollandshopper-mix is a mixed 200 gram bag with different types of Dutch licorice and sweets.  (Mix varies, but always at least 10 different types) ..

Incl. Tax €1.69
Matthijs Salmiakrepen 100 Gram

Matthijs brown salmiac licorice pieces with the word "salmiak" written on them, they are salty and medium chewy. Bag with 100 gram...

Incl. Tax €0.94
Matthijs Zoute Snippers 100 Gram

Matthijs Zoute snippers are double salted and chewy large diamonds. Bag with 100 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €0.94
Matthijs Zoute Zee-sterren 100 Gram

Matthijs Zoute Zeesterren is salty sugar coated licorice in the shape of a starfish, medium soft. Similar to Katja dropharingen but saltier. Bag with 100 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €0.94
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