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Albert Heijn Mini frites paprika 150 Gram

Albert Heijn paprika sticks, delicious paprika flavoured sticks. Baked in sunflower-oil and gluten free. Bag with 150 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €1.19
Albert Heijn Ribbel chips Paprika Minder vet 150 gram

These light and airy paprika crinkle cut chips are less fat but still very crispy. After the chips are crispy baked in sunflower oil, fat is withdrawn. Therefore these chips have 35% less fat than other Albert Heijn crinkle potato chips. Bag with 150 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €2.17
Basic Paprika 48 Gram

AH Basic or OK€ paprika is a ground spice made from red air-dried fruits of the larger and sweeter varieties of the plant Capsicum annuum, called bell pepper or sweet pepper. Paprika is used as an ingredient in numerous dishes throughout the world. It is mainly used to season and color ric..

Incl. Tax €1.52
Boerderij chips Paprika 190 gram

The Farm chips paprika variety has a surprising and delicious flavour. By using natural herbs the flavour is so good that there is no need for artificial flavour enhancers. Bag with 190 gram..

Incl. Tax €3.70
Cheetos Spinners paprika 110 gram

Cheetos Spinners are star shaped, very airy and have a sweet paprika flavour. Bag with 110 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €2.71
Chio Borrel bites Paprika sweet chili 240 gram

Chio Borrel bites paprika sweet chili is a crunchy and spicy mix of borrelnoten, peanuts and snacks in one bag. Bag with 240 gram ..

Incl. Tax €3.15
Chio Heartbreakers paprika 125 gram

Chio Heartbreakers is the well known potato snack with a paprika flavour. Bag with 125 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €2.28
Chio Lentil chips paprika 100 gram

Chio Lentil Chips is the proof that chips don't need to be made of potatoes to be super yummy! The crinkled lentil chips are crunchy and contain 40% less fat than regular potato chips. Bag with 100 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €2.61
Chio Pombär paprika zak 90 Gram

Chio Pombär paprika is the well known potato snack-bear with a paprika flavour. Bag with 90 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €1.95
Chio XXL Flippies paprika zak 115 Gram

Chio XXL Flippies is the crunchy corn snack with a yummy paprika flavour. The largest in his kind, extra large, extra paprika, extra tasty. Free of artificial fragrance, colours and flavours. Bag with 115 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €1.73
Croky chips Paprika 215 Gram

Croky crunchy paprika flavoured chips, baked in sunflower-oil. Bag with 215 grams.  ..

Incl. Tax €2.17
Croky chips Party-mix 6 x 30 Gram

Croky Party-mix is the perfect share pack for your party! Handy share pack with 6 small bags of chips in 3 flavour varieties: paprika, bolognese and original. Bag with 6 x 30 gram ..

Incl. Tax €3.15
Croky Ribble chips Paprika 150 gram

Croky ribble paprika chips are delicious potato chips with crinkles with the recognizable Croky paprika flavour. Bag with 150 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €1.95
Croky Ribble rock Paprika chips 130 gram

Croky Ribble Rock paprika chips are delicious potato chips with extra deep crinkles with the delicious paprika flavour. Bag with 130 gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €2.06
Croky Super frites paprika 150 Gram

Croky paprika sticks, delicious paprika flavoured sticks, baked in sunflower-oil. Bag with 150 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €1.73
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