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Albert Heijn Fruit spread Bosbessen

Albert Heijn bosbessen spread is blueberry spread with extra fruit. This spread contains at least 65 gram fruit per 100 gram (regular jam contains 35 gram).  Jar with 350 Gram. ..

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Bolletje Ontbijtgranen met rood fruit 375 gram

For Bolletje crunchy breakfast grains like als oats, wheat and rye are baked in the oven. The red fruits (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry) give a fresh flavour. They are packed with fibers and are natural. A good way to start your day! Contains 30% less sugar than most mu..

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Hero Betuwe Bes­sen­sap zwar­te bes-bos­bes 250 ml

Betuwe black currant and blueberry juice is made of 100% fruit and has no additives. Berry juice is delicious in desserts, cakes, dressings and sauces. It give a delicious flavour to dishes and gives it a nice colour. Because of the strong flavour the juice is mostly for use in dishes..

Incl. Tax €3.59
Hero Original Bosbessen jam 340 gram

Hero Blueberry jam with 40% delicious blueberries. Not only very good on sandwich, cracker or rusks but you can also add it to yogurt, for baking or other desserts. No added colours or flavours. Jar with 340 gram. ..

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Jumbo Extra Bosbessen jam 450 gram

Jumbo blueberry jam with extra fruit and a light sweet flavour. This jam contains at least 50 gram fruit per 100 gram (regular jam contains 35 gram).  Jar with 450 Gram. ..

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Meenk Bosbessen pastilles 160 Gram

Meenk Bosbessen pastilles are soft fruity gums, in blue berry flavour. Bag with 160 gram. ..

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Pickwick Even verwennen zwarte thee 15 stuks

Sometimes you just need to take a break and spoil yourself.  For those moments there is this delicious Pickwick black tea with cinnamon and blueberry. Black tea, 100% natural. Pack with 15 bags ..

Incl. Tax €2.61
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