Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Can all products be send to all countries?

No, there are restrictions for some countries.
Meat, fish, cheese, alcohol and dairy products may be prohibited to import in some countries. 

If an item says "E.U only", that means we only send those items to countries within the European Union.
And always at your own risk.

Also aerosol sprays (deodorant, whipped cream) are prohibited to overseas countries. 

Please make sure you know if a product may be imported at your destination country
and also check the important information tab on every products page, below the product photo. 

Unfortunately we do not know all quarantine restriction that may be applicable to your country
therefore all orders are shipped on the understanding that we have no control over any restrictions whatsoever
and this responsibility is with you, the purchaser.

Are there any transport risks with specific products?

Yes, the air pressure during transport by plane may cause bags with much air (eg chips, coffee-pods) to vacuum or open,
this is unfortunately out of our control.

Also if you live in a country which may have high temperatures or a hot or humid climate
please be very considerate of the items you are ordering are suitable for transport and delivery.
Meat, salads, fish, cheese and dairy products may not be suitable to travel long distances.

How can I see how much the shipping weight of my shopping cart is?

If you go to your shopping cart the shipping weight is displayed, just above the products.
Note that shopping cart weight might be higher than the product weight.
This is because the package also counts and not just the content of the product. (For example: the jar, tin or bottle it is in)

I can't find the product I want, can you order it?

We have a huge range of over 4300 products, but maybe you cannot find a specific product you are after. 
Send us an enquiry with the details of the product. 
It will be added to our site if the product is available and suitable for transport. 

We will let you know when the product is added to the website for ordering. 

Do you list allergens on your website?

With most products we have listed the most common allergens: sugar free and gluten free. 
We also listed if a product is organic. 

We do this with utmost care, but ingredients and recipes change a lot, 
so it is your own responsibility to check for allergens before consumption

Are the products Hollandshopper sells fresh?

All products we sell on Hollandshopper.nl are as fresh as possible. 
We keep very low stock, most items are ordered weekly.

All products listed on our website have a shelf life from 2 months up to 2 years, depending on the product. 

Some items have a very short best before date, for example: 

Eierkoeken - egg cakes  (2-4 weeks) 
Roze koeken - glazed cakes  (3-6 weeks) 
Warme broodjes - sausage/cheese rolls  (3-8 weeks) 
Broodjes - bake-off bread  (3-6 weeks)
Salades - salads  (2-4 weeks) 
Rookworst - smoked sausage  (3-8 weeks) 
Vleeswaren - sliced meat  (2-4 weeks) 
Stroopwafels - syrup waffles  (4-8 weeks) 

Please make sure the items you order will not go over the date during transport. 
We'll always make sure you receive the longest dates possible, but delivery times and/or delays are out of our hands. 

Will you send substitute products?

If a product is (temporarily) out of stock or discontinued, Hollandshopper has the right to cancel the product. 
Normally we do not send substitutes without your consent, please read the information below.

Our web-shop has 2 price categories:

The well known familiar brands. 
If you order an A-brand item we will not send any substitutes if an item is unavailable.
We will contact you to discuss options, either other choice or refund. 

Home brand items, good quality but with a lower price. 
If you order an item under the name home brand there are several options: 
You will receive one of these brands: Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Coop, Markant, G'woon or a similar brand.

We can give you an upgrade if an item is unavailable but never downgrade. 

Delivery Information

What if I'm not at home when my order arrives?

Unattended addresses will have a card left in the letter box so you can collect your parcel at your local post office.
We request that no parcel is left at the delivery address without special instruction from the customer, we add delivery notes to the postal company to not safe drop, however the onus is on them if they decide to leave it at a safe place.
The delivery instructions we leave on your parcel is no 100% guarantee.  

Many customers have their delivery sent to their workplace and we highly recommend it, to ensure someone can personally receive it.
Alternatively, make a note in the "comments" box during checkout to say that it is OK to leave the parcel and you do not wish to receive it in person.
However, if you choose this option we cannot help you if the product becomes damaged due to weather, circumstances out of our control, or disappears!

My order still hasn't arrive, what do I do?
All parcels have a tracking code so just let us know if it is delayed or missing. 
(For transit times check the delivery section) 

After the first scan in the sorting center you will receive an email from PostNL with the Track & Trace number,
if you haven't received it check your spam folder. 

Sometimes the delivery company in your country does not always leave a card when they try to deliver your parcel and you're not home.
Please check with your local Post Office to see if it is there, if not please contact us and we can investigate. 

Note that customs and/or quarantine can also delay your parcel

What are the shipping costs?
All the shipping rates are in the delivery information on the bottom of the homepage.
Does Hollandshopper deliver to my area?

Yes, We deliver to most countries around the world.
If you are not able to select your country in the shipping field at checkout,
this means that we unfortunately do not offer shipping to that country at this time.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We normally dispatch orders within 2 to 4 business days of receiving payment confirmation.
This is necessary because we order products per order, we have almost no stock so we can send you the freshest products possible.

The actual delivery time to receive your order will depend on your location and the availability of the products.
When an item is temporary not available or discontinued, we will contact you to discuss options. 

Estimated delivery times are in the delivery information on the bottom of the homepage.
(This does not include customs or quarantine delays in country of delivery)

Can I return my order?
This is possible under certain conditions:

Food items are not to be returned at all times.
All costs related to a return are for your account, such as return postage, import costs, etc.
The originally paid shipping costs will not be refunded, after all, we have also paid them.

Each return must be notified in advance by email to Hollandshopper.
Are you returning an order without permission? No refund.

Billing and Account

Why don't my login details work?

Make sure you type your email and password correct.
In case you forgot your password, a new one can be send. 

Just press forgotten password next to the log in button in my account.
Fill out the email address you use to log on and press continue, you will receive a new password by email.
This might take a couple of minutes, please press the button just once!

Passwords are Upper-Lower case sensitive, you may want to make sure you enter them in that format.
To prevent a typo: copy and paste the password in the required field.

Once you are logged on again, you can change your password again.

What if my email address is changed?

Log in to your account by using your OLD email address, change your details (also your address, phone number etc can be changed in your account)
Make sure you log in next time with your NEW email address. 

Don't create a new account if something changes, but make adjustments to your existing account,
otherwise your old account will be deleted.

How can I pay for my order?

Hollandshopper accepts payment by:
*Visa and MasterCard (credit & debit cards) 
*Bank transfer (Australian customers only) 

We also offer also the European payment methods:
*Ideal (the Netherlands) 
*Sofort banking (European countries) 
*Belfius (Belgium) 
*Bancontact (Belgium) 
*EPS (Austria) 
*Giropay (Germany, coming soon) 
*ING Home'pay (Belgium) 
*KBC/CBC (Belgium). 

Your online transaction on website is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. 
We use the secure payment website Mollie. 

We only accept 3-D Secure credit cards of the programs: Verified by Visa, Safe-key and MasterCard Secure-code. 
These are creditcards with an extra pincode for added security 

How can I order on your website?

Please just add the products that you want to the shopping cart.
When finished, go to Checkout. 

Click on new customer if you do not already have an account, complete your name and address details, enter a password of your choice, tick the box for reading and agreeing with our privacy policy, and click on "continue". 
All areas with an asterisk must be completed. And please don't fill out anything in the company filed unless you have, or work at an actual company, otherwise this will delay your order. 

If you are a returning customer log on now.

Step 2 : Choose a billing address from the drop down list. If you want the billing address changed choose one from the list or press "I want to use a new address" A new field shows, fill out all the details with an asterisk.  
Press continue. 

Step 3 : If you want the order to be delivered to a different address choose one from the drop down list or  press "I want to use a new address" A new field shows, fill out all the details with an asterisk. 
Press continue. 

Step 4 : Choose a delivery option, usually the standard shipping will already be ticked. 
This is also the place where you leave comments or directions for delivery. 
Press continue. 

Step 5 : Tick the box of your preferred payment method. Don't forget to also tick the box for reading and agreeing with our terms and conditions. 
If you don't tick that box you can't continue check out. 
Press continue. 

Step 6 : Here are the details about your order.  
Check carefully and correct any mistakes.
iDEAL payments: Select your bank and press confirm order. Don't forget to press finish order on the iDEAL screen, otherwise we won't receive your order:

PayPal: Press continue when you want to pay with PayPal. You will be redirected to the PayPal website. 

Credit/debit cards: Press confirm order and please follow the steps on your screen:

Don't forget to press return to website or your order will not be visible for us! 

Bank transfer: Press continue, bank details are also in your order confirmation. 

You will receive an order confirmation by email.

Why can't I go to check out?

Did you check if you are not above the maximum weight in your shopping cart?
The maximum is 30 kilo for most countries in the EU and 20 kilo for outside the EU. 

Is this not the case than you probably have items in your shopping cart which has a low stock.
This prevents you from checking out and ordering products we don't have enough in stock.
Please  check your shopping cart for any items which has *** next to the product or check for the banner on top of the page under main categories:
Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!
Lower the quantity of that product until the text " *** " disappears.

Don't forget to press the "Update cart" button which is below the quantity.

I want a higher quantity of a product, but why does it stay on 1 in my shopping cart?

Make sure you press "update cart" (  button) every time you change the quantity.

Where can I see the status of my order?

After you placed an order, you will receive an email order confirmation. 
You can also see the actual status when you log into your account and go to order history. 
We will send you an email update again once your order has been send. 
Also you will receive tracking information in a separate email from PostNL. 

Didn't receive an order confirmation or tracking?
Check your spam folder and check if the email address in your account is correct, if not let us know.

I have a code, where can I use it?

If you have received a code for discount, use it in your shopping cart:

Below the products is the button: Use discount code.
Click on the button, fill out your code and press: apply coupon.
The discount is visible below the subtotal. 

Discount is only given if the code is used in the shopping cart. 
No discount is given on VAT and shipping costs. 

Is there a minimum order amount?

No, we do not have a minimum order amount.

However for orders under €15 (ex BTW) we have a small order fee of €1.99.
This amount is waivered if the order amount is higher.

Additional FAQs

How can I contact Hollandshopper?

As we are an online business the quickest way to get an answer is to click the "Contact Us" tab on our website.
You can also contact us by telephone on +31 6 15196620 during Dutch business hours Mon-Fri.  

As we are an online business, email & "Contact Us" inquiries receive preference over telephone calls and are answered as quickly as possible.

Does Hollandshopper charge customs or import fees?

No, in no case we will charge you duty and or import fees.
The total price at check-out includes the products, delivery costs and optional BTW charges (for delivery in the EU only). 

It is the customers responsibility to contact their local customs-office about import regulations and possible fees prior to ordering.