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Verstegen Tafelgoud molen 44 gram
  • Verstegen Tafelgoud molen 44 gram

Verstegen Tafelgoud molen 44 gram

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Verstegen Tafelgoud molen 44 gram


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Verstegen Kitchen Gold is a delicious combination of spices, herbs, vegetables, sea salt and miso, specially developed as a replacement for salt. This way you consciously eat less salt, without compromising on taste.
To use as regular table salt.

Provides a similar taste experience to salt, with only 16% sea salt.

Ingredients: spices (coriander, turmeric, ginger, caraway seed, pepper, cumin, mace, lovage root), vegetables (onion, garlic, porcini mushrooms), sea salt, 15% miso powder (SOYbeans, rice, salt, koji starter culture), spices.

Grinder with 2 options: fine or course.

Grinder with 44 grams.