Huismerk Basmati rijst 1 kilo
  • Huismerk Basmati rijst 1 kilo
  • Huismerk Basmati rijst 1 kilo

Home brand Basmati rijst 1 kilo

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Home brand Basmati rice is a long grain rice from India and Pakistan. 
Comparable with pandan rice, but thinner, longer and dryer. Gives a nice dry grain. 

Basmati rice is the rice for an Indian meal, but for a Chinese, Indonesian of Thai meal it's better to use pandan rice (jasmine rice). 

If you order an item under the name home brand there are several options: 
You will receive one of these brands: Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Coop, Markant, G'woon or similar.

Pack with 1000 grams.

Home brand