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Dutch licorice and sweets

Licorice is perhaps the most Dutch product: you either like it or not, there's nothing in between...
The Dutch word drop is derived from a drop (drop). In the past, there was no licorice, only juice from the liquorice root plant.
That juice is now used to make the liquorice.

The total amount consumed is about 32 million kilos per year, corresponding to about 2 kg per person per year, and this amount has been fairly constant for many years.

So the Dutch love it: liquorice! Kitten liquorice, mint liquorice, liquorice laces, salty liquorice, double salted liquorice, salmiak...

Whether you like sweet or salty, hard or soft, Hollandshopper has them all and delivery is worldwide.


But also a lot of sweets are available at Hollandshopper:

Wine gums, Katja candy, Classic Dutch candy, chocolate, Kermis sticks or Tum Tum, it's all widely available.

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