Oma Dée Sambal Oelek 200 gram
  • Oma Dée Sambal Oelek 200 gram

Oma Dée Sambal Oelek 200 gram

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Oma Dée Sambal Oelek 200 gram


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Oma Dée sambal oelek Oma Style, without salt or chemical preservatives, but with pure fresh ingredients!

There is something special about this Oelek; it is in fact made from peppers that would not make it to the market, such as bent, cracked and discolored red peppers.
That means that they would normally be thrown away by the grower and now we make a sambal oelek from it that is just as tasty and fresh as the other flavors of Oma Dée.
So nothing is lost, the so-called No Waste sambal!!

Because no fish or meat products are used in the preparation, this sambal is also suitable for vegetarians.

More importantly, no salt, E numbers or seasonings have been added in the preparation of this sambal, but only fresh ingredients.

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