Processing times are 4-6 business days at the moment, so it takes longer than usual to collect, pack and ship your order. 

Note that maximum weight to send is 20 kilo. We always send with PostNL.
We cannot send to Packstations or P.O Boxes.

Due to new Tax rules in Norway, we are currently NOT sending any parcels to Norway.

Some products have the addition: E.U only.

This means that we only send these products to countries in the European Union, and always at your own risk.
If you live outside of the E.U and you order these products we cannot guarantee that it will clear customs (in good shape)


Delivery delays due to peak times and the holidays, unfortunately we have no influence on this.
We cannot guarantee a time of delivery, delays are always possible, no need to contact us to ask when to expect delivery
We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope for your understanding. 

Below destinations might have delays

The delay time in business days is approx:

 Australia: 10 - 30 days
 Canada 10 - 30 days
 France: 4 - 8 days
 Ireland: 4 - 11 days
 New Zealand: 10 - 30 days
 Portugal: 4 - 7 days
 Spain: 6 - 14 days
 United Kingdom: 3 - 9 days
 United States: 10 - 30 days

Product shelf life

Some items have a very short best before date, for example:
Eierkoeken  egg cakes (2-4 weeks) 
Roze koeken  pink glazed biscuits (2-3 weeks) 
Vleeswaren  sliced meat  (2-3 weeks) 
Banketletters/staven almond letters/logs  (3-4 weeks)
Afbakbrood  Sausage/cheese rolls (4-6 weeks) 
Worst and rookworst  wurst and smoked sausage (3-6 weeks) 
Stroopwafels  syrup waffles (4-6 weeks) 

Please make sure the items you order will not go over the date during transport
We always make sure you receive the longest dates possible,
but delivery times and/or delays are out of our hands.
You can always ask us about dates of products before you order it.