Would you like to order Dutch licorice or sweets online? Are you a fan of the delicious Dutch licorice? Choose from our large collection licorice. 

We know that a lot of Dutch expats and Dutch people living abroad miss the real Dutch liquorice. 
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The Netherlands is the largest manufacturer of licorice in the European Union and probably the world, we are also the largest consumers: 
The total consumed quantity is circa 32 million kilo per year, that is about 2 kg per person per year and this quantity is reasonably constant over the years. 

Although licorice can be made in many shapes, the most well known are still the most popular: 
Coins, Griotten, Boerderijdrop, Bielzen, Cats, Licorice all-sorts, Harlekijntjes, Kokindjes and specially Schoolkrijt.