If you live in Australia you still can enjoy the typical Dutch food, because Hollandshopper delivers worldwide. 

Not only were we born and raised in Holland but we also lived in Australia ourselves for a long time,
knowing first-hand what people miss from their home country. 

Besides all the popular food items, Hollandshopper also stocks a range of Dutch souvenirs, Non- food items, Delft blue products,
souvenir wooden clogs, and typical Dutch festive items for special occasions.

Some of our products and brands are: Unox rookworst, Fristi, Chocomel, Calve peanut butter, Lay's chips, Koopmans baking range, Zwitsal products,
Remia sauces, selection of Dutch syrup waffles and last but not least: Dutch licorice.

And we also sell a range of Dutch cheese: Old Amsterdam, ERU, Maaslander, Albert Heijn, Uniekaas, Beemster, Milner and more.

So the latest and greatest food from Holland directly to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.
Hollandshopper sells fresh and unique typical Dutch Dutch products, try it now! 
When you buy from us you pay no tax (no BTW and no GST) 

Do you have family or friends in Australia? Surprise them with a gift parcel with delicious Dutch food.