Dinner time

We Dutch have a special way of preparing dinner, ever tried the Dutch stamppot?
Mostly eaten in winter: the mashed dishes with sauerkraut, hutspot or Boerenkool. 
But besides our typical Dutch dinners, Hollandshopper also supplies Indonesian and Asian dinner ingredients and other meals well known in the Dutch kitchen such as macaroni and chili con carne.
A perfect example is Conimex, one of the most famous Dutch brands. We stock almost the entire range, but also the popular priced Go-Tan, Inproba and Sum&Sam.

Aarts Hollandse asperges 530 gram

Aarts Dutch asparagus have a soft flavour and a nice bite, you can eat them warm or cold, in a salad, with salmon or with butter sauce. With less added salt, and already peeled. Glass jar with 530 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €5.71
Albert Heijn Macaroni meergranen 500 gram

Albert Heijn multi grain ma­ca­ro­ni is made of 4 different grains, this gives it a special taste and bite which everyone likes. Pack with 500 gram, and is for 6-7 portions.  ..

Incl. Tax €2.00
Albert Heijn Potje moes 355 gram

Albert Heijn potje moes is a fresh applesauce made of selected apples. No added sugar, only sugar from fruit. Glass jar with 355 gram.   ..

Incl. Tax €1.69
Albert Heijn Quinoa 300 gram

Quinoa is ideal for the preparation for a large range of recipes. To be used warm or cold, vegetarian or with meat or fish. With a bit of olive oil, the ideal base for a salad. Ready in 10 minutes en the ideal replacement for rice or potatoes. Bag with 300 gram ..

Incl. Tax €4.55
Basic Kaneel 50 Gram 13-12-2018

Best before: 13-12-2018. Dutch ground cinnamon from AH basic, OK€ or other brand. Package with 50 Gram. ..

Incl. Tax €1.58 €1.26
Basic Kerrie 48 Gram

Ground curry powder. Ingredients: coriander, curcuma, cumin, fenugreek, black pepper, fennel, aniseed, cayenne pepper. AH basic, OK€ or other brand. Package with 48 Gram ..

Incl. Tax €1.58
Basic Nootmuskaat 50 Gram

Ground nutmeg has a very outspoken fragrance and flavour, therefore you only need a bit during cooking. Nutmeg is traditionally used with cooked green beans, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, spinach or asparagus. It is also used for preparing mashed potatoes and in cheese sauce, but also for maki..

Incl. Tax €2.00
Basic Paprika 48 Gram

AH Basic or OK€ paprika is a ground spice made from red air-dried fruits of the larger and sweeter varieties of the plant Capsicum annuum, called bell pepper or sweet pepper. Paprika is used as an ingredient in numerous dishes throughout the world. It is mainly used to season and color ric..

Incl. Tax €1.47
Basic Witte peper 50 Gram

Ground white pepper. AH basic, OK€ or other brand. Package with 50 Gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €1.47
Basic witte rijst 400 gram

Basic white rice: a nutritious classic white rice, short cooking time and the perfect base for all rice recipes. Ready in 8 minutes and full of flavour, with the perfect dry white grain. Package with 400 grams. ..

Incl. Tax €0.94
Basic Zilveruitjes Zoetzuur 330 gram

Crunchy sweet-and-sour pickled onions, seasoned with dill. Ideal for salads, raclette or as a spicy alternative to fresh onions.Jar with 330 Gram. ..

Incl. Tax €1.05
Basic Zwarte peper 50 Gram

Ground black pepper. AH basic, OK€ or other brand. Package with 50 Gram.  ..

Incl. Tax €1.58
Bonduelle Bruine bonen 175 gram

Bonduelle brown beans, single serve. Heat up for 3 minutes, do not boil.Can with 175 gram ..

Incl. Tax €1.47
Bonduelle Crispy Mais 150 gram

Bonduelle crispy corn, single serve. Heat up for 3 minutes, do not boil.Can with 150 gram ..

Incl. Tax €1.79
Bonduelle Doperwtjes en Worteltjes 150 gram

Bonduelle green peas and carrots, single serve.  Heat up for 3 minutes, do not boil. Can with 150 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €1.26
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