Grated cheese

Geitenkaas Belegen geraspt 150 gram

50+ goats cheese is a very mild cheese. For people who are looking for something different or wanting to try something new. Delicious cheese to use in your homemade quiche or in a salad, but also very good as topping on soup. Vacuum packed. Albert Heijn, Jumbo or other brand.&nbs..

Incl. Tax €3.38
Geska Zwitserse strooikaas 70 gram

Geska Swiss sprinkle cheese with real alp herbs and very low on fat. Ideal to give dishes more flavour. Use on your sandwich or as garnish for pasta or soup, but also great on cauliflower, witlof or a fried egg. Package sprinkle with 70 gram. ..

Incl. Tax €2.00
Goudse Kaas Belegen geraspt 175 gram

Belegen Dutch cheese is a matured Gouda 48+ cheese and is very rich and mildly spicy. Vacuum packed. Albert Heijn, Jumbo or other brand. Bag with 175 gram grated...

Incl. Tax €3.06
Goudse kaas Oud geraspt 175 gram

Oude Dutch cheese is an aged Gouda 48+ cheese and is very powerful and tasty. Vacuum packed. Albert Heijn, Jumbo or other brand. Bag with 175 gram grated. ..

Incl. Tax €3.06
Milner Slankie kaas geraspt 150 gram

Milner Slankie kaas is a semi matured grated 20+ Gouda cheese. Made of semi-skimmed 100% pasture milk. With this Milner Slankie grated cheese you can give your dishes a healthy twist. Great on pasta or oven dishes.  Vacuum packed. Pack with 150 gram grated.  ..

Incl. Tax €3.49
Old Amsterdam geraspte kaas 100 gram

Old Amsterdam 48+ is a matured cheese with it's own character. The outspoken intense rich flavour of Old Amsterdam is the result of a authentic recipe and pure passion for cheese. Vacuum packed. Pack with 100 gram grated cheese..

Incl. Tax €3.38
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